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What is physiotherapy? 
Physiotherapy is a multi-disciplinary profession whose aim is to encourage and support the return to normal following illness, surgery, disease or trauma, for individuals of all ages. This is often described as 'rehabilitation'. So whether your problem is a sprained ankle, back pain, post operative recovery, sports injury, chest problems, injury at work or many other different conditions, physiotherapy can assist you in your recovery.
What does a Physiotherapist do? 

A physiotherapist works with people who have become disabled by injury, illness, or age. The goal of the physiotherapist is to help patients regain their range of movement, or to support patients with permanent disabilities to prevent further damage and increase the patient's functionality


No you don’t need a doctor’s referral to see a private physiotherapist but if you intend to claim through your private healthcare insurance you may require a referral by your GP or consultant to ensure authorisation and payment of your treatment charges.
Is the cost of Physiotherapy covered by medical insurance? 
Normally yes, however many insurance companies have different criteria and we would ask all patients to check with their insurer to make sure they will reimburse you prior to commencing treatment.  AM Physio is registered with all major health care providers, including AXA PPP and Bupa.
Do you claim your treatment fees directly from the health insurance company? 
Yes.  AM Physio deals directly with all the major insurance companies for reimbursement of your treatment sessions.  This saves you the inconvenience and expense of the initial outlay and then reclaiming yourself.  The only payment you may have to incur is if you have an excess on your policy.
How quickly will I be seen for my first appointment? 
In normal circumstances you can be seen within 24 or 48 hours and often it can be the same day.
How long does a treatment session last? 
Your initial consultation will normally take up to 1 hour and 30 or 40 minutes for follow-up appointments, depending on the patient’s individual requirements. 
If it is known in advance that a patient may have a complex problem often extra time is allocated for the initial consultation to ensure a full and comprehensive assessment is carried out.  No extra charge is levied for this longer session.
For patients who require gym based or hydrotherapy rehabilitation, up to 1 hour is often allocated for these sessions and there is no extra charge for these longer sessions.
How many treatments will I need? 
As part of your initial assessment your physiotherapist will discuss with you your diagnosis, your treatment plan and advice on the approximate number of treatments you may require.  Throughout your treatment your physiotherapist will often re-assess your problems and progress and discuss with you any changes to your overall plan.
What should I bring with me? 
Depending on the area of your body to be treated you may be asked to undress to your underwear to assess that area.  You may therefore like to bring shorts and a vest top if that would make you feel more comfortable.  Your privacy and dignity will be maintained at all times.  If your problem is sports related it would help if you could bring the footwear that you use for your particular sport.
Should I bring my X-rays with me? 
Yes, please do bring along any x-rays, scans or other relevant medical information e.g. GP or consultant letters, as they may help with your assessment.
Will you communicate with my GP or Consultant? 
Yes, provided you have given us your consent at your initial consultation.  We pride ourselves with maintaining strong communication links with your GP and/or Consultant.  At discharge we write to them in detail about your treatment and provide progress reports during longer rehabilitation programmes.  If physiotherapy is not pertinent to your condition we will refer you back to your GP or Consultant for their opinion.
Will I be charged if I miss my appointment? 
We reserve the right to charge for your appointment if 24 hours notice is not given to change or cancel an appointment.  However, if we are able to fill this appointment you will be charged.  Your insurance company will usually not cover the cost of non-attendance which means the cost will be borne by yourself.
Is Physiotherapy treatment appropriate for back and neck problems? 
As standard we have a strong interest and knowledge in spinal conditions, including and not limited to sciatica, low back pain and neck pain.
Can Physiotherapists manipulate my spine? 
Yes, as physiotherapists with the appropriate training, we are qualified to manipulate, however we will only do this if it is appropriate to your condition.
What are your Opening Hours? 
Monday 11:00 to 20:00
Tuesday 07:00 to 14:30
Wednesday 07:00 to 16:00 (later if required)
Thursday 09:30 to 20:00
Friday 07:00 to 14:30
Saturday Occasionally if required
What are your Treatment Fees? 
Our fees are one of the most competitive in our area, especially as in addition to normal treatment facilities we can also provide a fully equipped gymnasium and hydrotherapy pool. We endeavour to provide a service which ensures total patient care, where the patient comes first.

Initial assessment and treatment: £62  (effective from "11th January 2016")
60 minutes is allowed for your initial assessment appointment, more time if necessary.  This will involve taking a comprehensive history, examination, diagnosis, explanation and starting your treatment.

Follow-up appointment: £50  (effective from "11th January 2016") 
Standard follow-up appointments are 30 minutes but can be up to 45 minutes if required.  Rehab sessions in the gym and hydrotherapy can often have extra time allocated to them if required at no extra cost.  Your progress and recovery treatment plan is tailored to your specific requirements.