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Home Hydrotherapy
AM Physio offers an excellent on-site hydrotherapy service which is carried out in a relaxing 15m pool, kept at a temperature of 30-31°C which is accessible via a few shallow steps so is ideal for patients with limited mobility.

Hydrotherapy is physiotherapy in warm water, used mainly for rehabilitation and pain relief, providing many physical benefits. It will be necessary for your initial assessment to be carried out in the treatment room first.

Water is a wonderful medium in which to exercise. It can provide freedom of movement to alleviate joint stiffness, combined with resistance to movement for muscle strengthening. It is an excellent opportunity to work on balance and walking in a safe environment. Water is also a good medium to work on core stability exercises and relaxation.

Exercises are specifically tailored to each individual so the water is used to your advantage. A specific assessment for hydrotherapy is required to ensure safety in the water.
Hydrotherapy is said to have several benefits, including:
  • the warmth helps you to relax tight and tired muscles allowing you to move more freely than you would otherwise have done on land;
  • the water provides all round support for joints, limbs, head and trunk;
  • the water also provides resistance against movement so the harder you push the bigger the resistance;
  • for patients with limited or no weight bearing ability due to trauma or post surgery, hydrotherapy allows full weight bearing and active mobility which would not be possible in land based activities.
As an additional facility, AM Physio is able to offer the use of the Jacuzzi, kept at 35-36°C, for post treatment relaxation following hydrotherapy and some land based rehabilitation.